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Online store ASOS.com

Online store ASOS.com

Www.asos.com assortment includes the following items: Men's, women's, children's clothing, footwear and accessories (more than a hundred brands with affordable prices); Cosmetics and perfumery; Jewelry, high-quality imitation jewelry;

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Information about the store Asos.com

Online store Asos

Online shop ASOS.com

ASOS.com - British online store, where a large selection of quality clothing, shoes and accessories. Asos com is one of the first of its kind online stores that have gained immense popularity among the citizens of Ukraine, Russia, Belarus and other CIS countries. In addition to well-chosen range of (well-known brands at affordable prices), online clothes shop Asos drew the attention of the Russian-speaking customers through a fully Russian interface.

Www.asos.com assortment includes the following items:

Men's, women's, children's clothing, footwear and accessories (more than a hundred brands with affordable prices);
Cosmetics and perfumery;
Jewelry, high-quality imitation jewelry;

Without too much exaggeration, ASOS.com is one of the most popular online stores in Britain. Asos started operations not so long ago, in 2000, and a decade later, became the largest hypermarket in the Internet. His range is so huge that tens of thousands of goods from several hundred brands (there are a purely male and purely female clothing store brands). Company name derived from the abbreviation of the expression «AS SEEN ON SCREEN».
The name perfectly speaks for itself.

Millions of potential buyers from many countries regularly update their wardrobe at ASOS.com.

What in ASOS attracts buyers? Here is a brief list of the positive aspects of the store:

- Truly a wide choice of products. Constantly new collections from well-known brands at an affordable price. The basis of the collection is casual youth fashion. Trade premium brands found on Asos rare, and are usually represented by "democratic" collections. There are common things Calvin Klein, Nike, Diesel, Adidas, Esprit, Lee, Levi's, River Island and others.
- Fair prices and high-quality goods. There are no artificial markups and fictitious discounts. You will not be deceived.
- Seasonal sales - liquidation of previous collections. Some things you can buy with 90% discount. Moreover, it is not stale stock items. Harvest most time to the online store Asos - massive Christmas sales. There are also a variety of events and promotional codes.
- If problems arise, they are usually resolved in favor of the client. Shop enables the exchange and return of goods.
- Free international shipping.
- Website with a fully Russian interface, which was launched in 2013 for even more convenience with the CIS countries.
- The ability to pay for purchases using the payment system Paypal, which securely retain the details of your payment card from a third party and give you the opportunity to shop for a few seconds.
- Easy to return things.
- The site Asos.com has a section called "Fashion sets and bows", where you can keep track of fashion, make a photo, taking part in different competitions ...

ASOS company sells not only the goods of other brands, but also their production.

Payment on ASOS.com:

Pay for goods at ASOS com can be by payment cards Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB, as well as through the payment system PayPal.

Enjoy your shopping with ASOS.com!

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